What is Papirys?

A data assurance platform for your enterprise that makes it possible to access your data without making it vulnerable.

How does Papirys secure enterprise data?

We provide security (via encryption), entitlements (via our AI engine), and lineage/auditing capabilities (via blockchain) for your enterprise's data.    
By moving bits in a new way we are able to feed your enterprise data through bespoke blockchain protocols in real time.  

What does Papirys mean for your enterprise?

We provide enterprises new capabilities through the verification & encryption of both at-rest & streaming data.  Whether your data is structured or unstructured, Papirys will afford you new efficiency in database migration, streaming data authentication and encrypted analytics.  We provide you encryption as a constant state.

When will Papirys transform your enterprise?

We are eagerly awaiting you.  We only need to understand your needs.  Then we will work with you to unlock your data's verifiable, encrypted & analytical potential.  Call us or email us today.  We look forward to learning how we will help your enterprise gain new & effective secure data transfer solutions.